Wednesday, September 12, 2012

what we have here...

... you know the rest.

We had a slight failure to communicate this week regarding our finances this past week. Luckily, it didn't cause any major damage, but I'll get to that momentarily.

Last month, we had to take The Hubs' vehicle to the repair shop. It was making this ridiculous clunking noise. Obviously, not good. If he were a single man, he would have let it go until the car didn't start anymore. But, since he decided to get married, I did my wifely duty and nagged him about it until he agreed to get it looked at. As it turns out, he needed new hub bearings (whatever those are), but more urgently, he needed new brakes (another thing I had nagged about for months, but wasn't as successful at getting replaced). We agreed to have the brakes replaced and once he started bringing home paycheck again, he would take back the car and fix the hub bearings.

Since my hubs is a teacher, we are on a pretty tight summer budget, we tend to blow through our summer budget by the end of July, and have to pinch our pennies until the first paycheck in September (what can I say, we like beer). We agreed to put his car expense on my Chase card and pay it off at the end of this month. Sounds okay, right?

Let's just say, I've never been so happy to have a car repair before. Had it not been for this charge, I would have never logged into my online account (since I haven't used the card since paying it off a few months ago) and I would have never seen all the other charges he put on it without giving me the heads up. Late fees and general chaos would have ensued.

It's not like this caused a big fight or anything. I was mildly annoyed for about an hour. I may have shot off a sarcastic text. But now it's over and done with - I'm over it.

So consider this a Public Service Announcement/Reminder to let your significant other know when using their credit cards ;-)

P.S.: I'm taking my car in for work this Friday - keep your fingers crossed this doesn't blow up our savings account like Bat Gat.

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  1. I feel your pain on the lack of summer income! We try to save extra during the year so we can dip into savings guilt-free during the summer, but I still hate doing it. :-(

    And your near-fiasco on the credit card is why I make sure we still get paper bills mailed to us for everything except our student loans! I hang them up next to my desk in the order they're due so I don't miss any of them. The trickier part is having debit cards for the same checking account. Glen's usually pretty good about letting me know when he's used it, and I balance the checkbook every 2-3 days, minimum, but once in awhile I get blindsided by something he spends money on, or I forget to tell him we're running low on cash for the week and to reign it in til the next paycheck comes in. :-P