Monday, March 26, 2012

40 Ounces to Savings

Confession: I was a bit spend happy this weekend. I broke down and shopped needlessly.
On Saturday, we went out for a friend's birthday in Atlantic City; First, we went to Tony's Baltimore Grill, which was budget friendly at $9 for a cheese pizza and $2.50 for a beer. Then we headed over to A Dam Good Sports Bar in the Tropicana. ADGSB is famous for its $5 40 ounce beers; However, on Saturdays the price goes up to $9.00. Still a pretty good deal, when you compare it with other casino bars where it's $4 or $5 for a 12 ounce bottle. The spending kicked in when I bought four shots for the birthday girl. When we got our tab, I was shocked to see it was $8 per shot! I was ready for $5 each, definitely not $8. Overall, I spent $60 for the evening, without any gambling. We did save $10 in parking, though, thanks to one friend who snagged us parking passes.

Earlier in the day, I dropped Molly off at day care and stopped off at Target. I didn't buy anything (I saved that for Sunday) so I tempted fate by going to our local TJ Maxx/Homegoods store. I managed to not buy a million things for the house, but I did buy a $15 shirt to wear out to the bar. Now, if this was five years ago, I would have spent about $30 on a dress like this:

I had a photo of an actual girl at the bar, but it won't load. damn you, blogger!
But since I'm married now and don't need to impress anyone, I opted to buy a simple striped shirt which I can wear again. At least I'm learning something.
On Sunday, the hubs and I went back out and ogled at new grills and tried to price out how much it would cost for us to build a new fence ourselves rather than having it installed. We also stopped by Target (again) and I bought goodies to fill the hubs' nephews Easter baskets. I spent about $15 on each and filled it with mostly non-candy goodies, like mini games, stickers, etc. We were in a pizza mood still so I stocked up on frozen Digiorno's for $9 with a coupon.

Oh! And we received our tax return on Saturday, but that went right into the savings account to pay for the removal of the zoo in our attic. No fun to be had there.

Did anyone do better than me at saving money this weekend? Now I have no choice but to be super frugal until payday this Friday.

Saturday Spent:                                                                           Sunday Spent:
$60.00 dinner + drinks                                                           $28.00 gas ($3.63 p/gal. yuck!)
$15.00 TJ Maxx                                                                         $32.10 Camp Bow Wow
$3.20 Wawa (5 hour energy)                                                 $77.05 Target
-------------------------                                                                  $18.00 Walgreens (allergy meds)
Saturday Saved:  $10.00                                                          -------------------------------
                                                                                                               Sunday Saved: $0.00

Monday Spent:
$5.00 Mega Millions tickets
Monday Saved: $0.00

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