Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fantasy Fun

Lets take a break from our serious money talk for a minute, okay?

The Mega Millions in NJ has rolled over for the second time and the jackpot is now a cool $356 million and growing.

Which means, if you won Tuesday night and took the lump sum pay out option. NJ is going to take about 11% of that in taxes, leaving you with about $317 million. Uncle Sam is going to take a hefty 25% which means you're bring home about $238,750,000. What do you do first?

Here's what I would do (in no particular order):
  • Immediately put in my two weeks at work
  • Put out house on the market. I wouldn't even pay it off first. 
  • Pay off our other debts
  • Buy a big house a few blocks from the beach in Brigantine so my mom could sell her house and live there with us
  • Travel
  • Open my own bar/restaurant or at least go back to bartending (a job I actually really loved)
  • Become a dog trainer
  • Adopt more dogs
  • Get Brian a membership at Galloway National Golf Club
  • Buy a hybrid car
  • Invest at least 100 million of it
  • Get crazy awesome seats at MetLife stadium for all the Jets home games for all my in-laws
If I've learned anything from this savings experience, it's definitely to put as much of the money away before I start spending it!

What would you do if you woke up a mega millionaire?

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  1. I'd prob keel over and die of excitement my guess is id have one hell of a funeral!