Monday, June 11, 2012

little green notebook

No, you don't need to re-wipe the crusties from your eyes (although you might want to), this really is a blog entry. Unfortunately, since the last time we spoke, nothing exciting has come to pass, either financially or otherwise. However, I knew I needed to fill you all in on my May challenge - documenting each outgoing dollar on paper - and not just reviewing it later in my bank statements.

I'm happy to report that I was successful, for the most part, in writing everything down. The weekends were the hardest and sometimes I would need to log into my online banking to review the previous days expedentures, but I did it. I'm not sure it helped me spend any less per sey, but it did make me more aware of my spending which has carried over into this month. It definitely wasn't as hard or burdensome as I made it out to be and it was pretty much second nature by the end of the month.

Just by doing a quick  flip through, my biggest expenses was Molly-related items (two vet visits, day care, food, etc), gas, and eating out... there were a lot of birthdays in May, and therefore a lot of celebrating. Nothing was budget-busting, but I probably could've planned it a little better. Luckily, June looks like it'll be a bit easier to digest.

We're halfway into the month, so it's a bit late for a monthly challenge, but if you have any suggestions for a July financial challenge, I'd love to hear them! It keeps things interesting (and keeps me blogging!).

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