Wednesday, May 16, 2012

no news, good news

My apologies to the blog fans/readers out there for the lack of posts. Unfortunately, nothing too exciting (money-wise or other-wise) has been going on in our lives to blog about. My first payment on the new loan is coming up in a week or so and I've been dutifully documenting all my expedentures in a notebook that goes everywhere with me. It's not as hard as I envisioned it to be - except when I throw out a receipt and have to jot down the approximate amount of money I spent until I can get onto my online banking and see how much it actually cost.

May has been a pretty quiet month on the spending front.. a few impulse spending moments here and there, but nothing too budget busting. The hubs and I agreed I need to try and save a car payment per month... the Katmobile is still trucking (for now), but I know in a year or so, it's going to be time for another and I need to be prepared. I'm hoping to save around $300 a month. I have to get down to the credit union to increase the amount they deduct from my paycheck for savings ($100 a paycheck, instead of $50) so that will cover most of it. The rest I'll just transfer over into our "Reserve" account - $20 a week, perhaps? Sounds managable.

Anything exciting going on the big bad world out there? Do tell!

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