Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Yesterday, I was feeling ambitious. Well, not ambitious, maybe annoyed is a better word. But a motivated kind of annoyed. You all know by now we're a bit strapped for cash at the moment (if you don't know why, check here and here). On the right side of our property, we have a long line (about 25 feet) of forsythia bushes. Sounds beautiful, right? Yeah, not so much. Like many other things in our house, the previous owner(s) didn't keep up with any maintenance, and it's become a veritable jungle of branches. Some branches became too heavy and sunk to the ground where they re-rooted themselves and sprung more branches. It's crazy.

I busted out the clippers when I got home from work yesterday while it was still sunny and relatively warm outside. It was kind of intimidating at first, because I didn't know where to start, so I just started clipping all the little branches away. Then I was able to to move inward, upward, and around. It was kind of liberating to clip the bush and throw the branches in a big pile. Here's what I was left with at the end:

In the middle of it, I came up with a great analogy. Clipping the forsythia bushes is like chipping away at my debt. It seems massive and overwhelming when taken as a whole, but when broken into small portions, is much more managable. And the sense of accomplishment when completed is great!

Is that the cheesiest analogy you've ever heard or what? It makes me giggle.

Day Thirty-Five Spent: $1.45 Wawa coffee
Day Thirty-Five Saved: $0.00

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  1. The analogy may be cheesy, but it makes perfect sense!!

    I just need to apply it to actual gardening this weekend. I'm taking advantage of a long holiday weekend, plus taking a few vacation days so I can tackle some garden stuff. Three years in, and we're still trying to get the property into shape, sometimes I feel like it'll never be done :-P