Sunday, April 1, 2012

give me a break (down).

Yesterday was a rough day, financially speaking. And it's all my fault.

Our pest management guy came over to remove the contaminated insulation, sanitize, and install new insulation. I was under the impression our remaining balance was in the $2,700 range, but when it came time to pay the bill, our balance was $3,721.60 (I think that number will be stuck in my head forever). Because I read the invoice wrong, we now have absolutely zero money in our savings account and I will barely be able to scrape by until the 14th (the next payday).

So I did what any rational person would do : I had an absolute mental breakdown about it. I cried, nay, wailed for a good hour. I felt destitute. If only I hadn't been so irrational with my money in the last year, we would have more money in our savings account and this wouldn't feel like such a disaster. I thought about asking my mom for money (I didn't). The thought of not being able to pay the bills was overwhelming. I felt like I was drowning.

I don't really feel any better today. Like I said to a friend yesterday, I feel like a failure. What would we have done if we hadn't just gotten our tax return? What will we do now if something else happens with our house or car? How do I contribute to our savings account when I have this debt to pay off?

Who has a time machine I can borrow?

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  1. Keep your head up girly! It is hard to imagine but you are doing an amazing job thus far! Anything you have bought has been needed and sometimes houses will suck the life out of you. This is what credit cards are for and although you want to pay it off and you are working hard to do such a thing, sometimes things just come up. You are doing a great job and keep your head up!