Tuesday, April 10, 2012

pay it downward

Since the "challenge" portion of the blog has officially ended, I thought I should check into my various cards and see where my balances are at and if I've made any progress. Plus I had to schedule my online payments for the month anyway. Two birds, one stone kind of deal.

Card 1: $2,752.02 (+ $32.51)
Card 2: $2,047.82 (+ $104.85)
Card 3: $409.29 (-123.50)
Card 4: $3,579.61 (-$300.00)

Total debt: $8,788.74

For a difference of $288.14 less than when we started. Blah. That's kind of depressing. But at least I'm under the $9,000 mark.

We get paid this Friday, so I'll be able to throw my credit cards back in their "hiding place", hopefully for a lot longer this time, barring any home or car emergencies (like this one).

A quick check on Credit Karma revealed no changes to my estimated score from the last time. Not surprising, given it's been less than a month since I last checked.

I'm reading a new money management book which gives yet another way to manage your payments, so this week we'll analyze the sixth (or so) debt payoff strategy.

Do you become frustrated by how slow some things take? Even though I know I've only been making two months of credit card payments I feel like there should be a much bigger dent in the debt - probably because I blog about it so much!

Monday Spent: $1.45 coffee
Monday Saved: $0.00

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  1. Remember that interest is tacking on every month too..so its an uphill battle..but slow and steady will ultimately get u to ur goal..dont get discouraged!!