Sunday, March 18, 2012

How to Save Money on Saint Patrick's Day

Get so drunk the night before that the thought of booze makes you want to vomit. I saved myself at least $100.00 yesterday.

On Friday, I received a rebate card from AT&T in the mail for a cool $50.00. Woo-hoo! I went down to Atlantic City for a girls night with two of my best friends and spent yesterday on the couch nursing a hangover before going to bed at an obscenely early time. Do I know how to party or what?

This morning, the hubs and I went to get our taxes done. We ended up owing the state $13.00, but our accountant said that's common in a two income household. We're getting a little over $2,000 back this year. About half of the money we are going to put towards a fence, I will take a smidge to put towards credit cards, and the rest we're going to put away for a rainy day.

We went to a new accountant this year and she was great! She really gave us a lot of tips on what we should be doing in order to maximize our refund next year. Although we make a lot of cash donations, she advised us to make 3-4 trips to Goodwill per year and make sure we get receipts for our donations. We learned we can deduct our medical expenses (co-pays, prescriptions, eye glasses, etc.) as well as any non-reimbursed work expenses. The latter is more applicable for Brian than me, but since we file jointly now, I get to reap the benefits! She suggested keeping a notebook in the car to log any work-related trips we make as well as any trainings we might go to and the related expenses that go with it (food, tolls, etc.).

Tomorrow we have a new pest management company coming out to try and figure out what's going on with our attic creatures. I'm also going to the dentist for the first time in ten years (yikes!) and hopefully squeezing in some food shopping. Looks like a pretty expensive week ahead!

Anyone save any money this weekend?

Saturday Spent:
$4.99 Pepto @ Rite Aid
Saturday Saved:

Sunday Spent:
$17.11 PetValu (flea&tick med for Molly)
$46.07 Petco (Molly's food -- anyone see a theme here?)
$13.55 State of NJ taxes owed
$165.00 Accountant fee
Sunday Saved: $0.00

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