Monday, March 19, 2012

At My Own Expense

Today was a very expensive day.

I bought four things I didn't need today. I went into PetSmart for one toy (Plubber) and walked out with five. Those damn clearance signs!

Thankfully, since I've cut down on spending in the past twenty-ish days, I was able to purchase other necessities today without fear there wouldn't be enough money in the bank to cover them. Which is good, since tomorrow is looking like a pretty expensive day as well.
this is what I've been seeing all day

I ended up spending more than I anticipated on a new pair of glasses this afternoon. I went to "America's Best" (imagine me air quoting that) for new specs & contacts. We have a pretty crappy vision reimbursement plan at work, but I knew Cigna would cover one eye exam a year (but not the actual vision correction). Yet the store told me differently. I was also informed that because I was getting contacts that their "free eye exam" offer didn't apply even though I was purchasing the two pairs of glasses. Ridiculous, but yesterday, our accountant told us we can deduct our medical expenses as long as we keep as our receipts, so you know those bad boys went in a folder for next year!

I also did some food shopping today at BJ's. Unfortunately, their in-store coupons weren't as good as last time so I didn't save as much money; However, I did manage to snag two lilac bushes, two hydrangea bulbs, and a pack of astilbe for my front gardens. Generally, I try to shop locally, but when it comes to flowers I found the big box stores tend to offer more for your money.

In other news, I set up a small ($50) automatic savings plan for each paycheck yesterday and I also reached my first $100.00 in savings! It's small, but at least it's something! Any one else have a little victory this weekend?

Day Twenty Eight Spent:
$293.07 Electric Bill
$121.25 BJ's
$15.00 co-pay
$233.95 eye exam & glasses
$28.22 PetSmart
$11.21 Target (birthday present)
Day Twenty Eight Saved: $0.00

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  1. Oh garden stuff. That is always my budget downfall each spring. I'm trying to use more perennials in my garden. It's a bigger investment up front, but I'll spend less on annuals each year.

    This little victory bleeds over to the week (since grocery shopping was Monday night), but we only spent $53 on groceries last night! Which is nice, because our usual budget is $70, but we went over budget by $10-20 the past two weeks. :-P