Sunday, November 25, 2012


Last week, my iPhone 4s broke. Well, not totally, it still worked, but I couldn't connect to any WiFi networks. The option to even have WiFi was totally gray-ed out. A Google search revealed it was an issue with the new iOS 6 software and the phone would pretty much need to be repaired or replaced.

(go read Problems of the 90's meme & get ready to pee yourself from laughing.)
I tried "fixing" it on my own first - soft resets, network resets, and, last night, a hard reset & total restore back to factory settings. Nothing worked. My only other options were to try and downgrade back to the iOS 5 software, or take it to an Apple Store. I'm not a risk taker when it comes to technology, so I went with the latter. Thankfully, Apple opened a store at The Pier in Atlantic City a few years ago & I was able to book an appointment at their "Genius Bar" online last night (tip: book the appointment in advance, if you can. We would've waited a lot longer had we just walked in). 

Long story short, they were unable to fix the problem and I had to get a new iPhone. Luckily, we are still approximately three weeks shy of our one year iAnniversary (I made that up. Clever, right?) & I was able to get the new phone at no cost. Had we not been covered under the warranty, it would have been $200 for the replacement phone. Yikes! I definitely dodged a bullet there. 

Unfortunately, the new phone is only covered by a 90 day warranty, which means from March to December I'll be whispering sweet nothings into my iPhone's ear and praying each night that it keeps working. I'm telling The Hubs to do the same, since his phone is still working (knock on wood) with our warranty deadline around the corner. It's too late for us to buy the extended Apple Care plan - you have to sign up within 30 days of your Apple purchase. I tend to turn up my nose at extended contracts - but now, in this age of technology, I'm starting to rethink that. 

What's your policy on policies? Are they ever worth it?

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  1. I haven't bothered with extended warranties pretty much ever. Usually over the life of the warranty it costs nearly as much as the product itself. I'd rather just save that money and probably not have to use it. The only time I've ever gone for any extra coverage on something was to cover major mechanical on my husband's car, because the potential cost of something like a new transmission FAR outweighed the cost of the plan.