Monday, October 15, 2012

too soon?

I come from a pretty traditional family. Not the "you can't live together until you're married" traditional, but the "you can't decorate for the holidays unless it's the same month." For most of my childhood, we didn't decorate our Christmas tree until Christmas Eve.

When we bought our house, I couldn't wait to start decorating... except it was the end of February with no major holidays in sight (St. Patrick's Day doesn't count for me) and we were getting married in less than three months, so there were other things I needed to spend my money on. I tried to resist the urge to buy holiday decorations at full price, but I couldn't pass on the Christmas cheer, regardless of how much it cost.

Now, we've got swag decorations for pretty much every occasion, thanks to the clearance rack at Tar-jay. Which leaves me with the conundrum: What do I get everyone for Christmas this year?

I can see your heads spinning now. Christmas??? You say.... It's not even Halloween yet!

I know, I know. For most people, it's entirely too soon. But, if there's one thing I've learned from all my financial hiccups over the years, it's much better for me to spread out buying everyone's presents over the course of three-ish months, than to try to cram it all in between Black Friday & Christmas. The latter almost always reverts to me using my credit cards, which is a no-no this year.

I actually have three presents so far, two for my mom and one for the hubs (which I bought yesterday). Then I have a bonus present, which means I haven't decided what family member or friend will get it, but it'll be good for someone. Momma Q has given me a few ideas about what she wants, which is great, plus there's always a nice stand-by of gifts I know she needs/will use. It's always hard for me to practice gift-buying restraint when it comes to my Mom, because to me, she deserves everything!

I'm going to suggest to the hubs that we pair down the gifts we give each other and maybe get something for the house that we'll both enjoy or go on a trip somewhere instead.

Has anyone else started their holiday shopping yet, or am I the only one?


  1. I haven't started yet, but I usually start sometime in October. When I'm at craft shows, if my mom is helping me man my booth, I'll wander off for 15-20 minutes and see if I can find good gifts for people. I can find gifts that are more unique than what I'd see at the mall, and spreading out the spending DEFINITELY helps me to avoid racking up too much on the credit credit card.

    Oh, and Glen and I haven't bought each other expensive Christmas gifts since we moved into the house. Usually sometime in December we just splurge on something we've been wanting to buy and consider it our "gift to ourselves." Then we just exchange a small, inexpensive gift on Christmas Eve.

  2. This year I am making a large amount of my family gifts. I found these great plates at Kohls on cleearance last year after the holidays for $1 but it wasnt a complete set. I bought the 5 anyway thinking 4 would be fine for dinner but decided they were to pretty to eat off of. (They say Eat Drink and Be Merry with a reindeer) So I bought plate stands that I am going to spray paint red green and gold and give them to my mom and aunts. Also I am going to make snowglobes Thank Pinterest! This is freeing up money I can use on decorations for the house and/or "gift" for the house for me and the hubs to splurge on.