Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I feel guilty for such a lack of posts! We all know weekend posting isn't my forte (the house has to get cleaned sometime and Molly still can't walk herself yet), but lately, I've actually been busy at work and haven't had the extra time to blog. Although I'd much rather be busy than bored, I figure I can squeeze a quick one out before lunch.

Since having the extra time during Lent to reflect on my spending habits and reign them in, I think I've become a lot better at not excessively buying things for myself. Case in point, I have been to Kohl's on at least two occasions and haven't bought anything. Unfortunately, when it comes to buying for other people, I can't seem to stay within my budget.

I've always been a bleeding heart for various organizations. You name it, I've probably donated money to them. In 2010, I donated over $800 to various charities. That number seems so insanely large now, even though I'm making more money now than I did then. The same principle applies to friends and family. I love to give. I love to find the perfect gift. It doesn't have to be expensive, but sometimes, it is. In the next six weekends, the hubs and I have a string of events to attend- a bridal shower, baby shower, wedding,  engagement party, a birthday, and two wonderful mothers to celebrate. Do you hear that? It's our bank account screaming bloody murder.

When it comes to bridal and baby showers, I always make a budget. And invariably, I always blow through it. More so with babies than brides. There are just so many things those little people need! I did better with sticking to my bridal shower budget this year, I think I only went over by about $15. But my biggest budget buster is my mom. She's just so awesome that I want to buy her everything in the world to thank her for putting up with me all these years and for helping us out so much. Same with my MIL.

While we were at lunch on Sunday, the hubs and I brainstormed Mother's Day ideas. We're still finalizing what to get his mom, but I'm going to take my mom out to The Lizzie Rose tea room for lunch and later, for pedicures. The hubs is going old school and giving her a coupon that she can redeem for him to cut her lawn.

Does anyone have any tricks for staying within budget when it comes to special occasions? I think what does me in is adding little "extras" that are really $2-$3 each!

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