Thursday, March 1, 2012

Working Hard for the Money

I saw this image on Pinterest last week:
It combined two of the things I'm not very good at into one effective plan- Score! The hubs and I are currently doing the 60 Day Insanity workout. We have successfully completed 8 days of the workout so today, I transferred $8 from my checking account into my short term savings. It's a win-win.

Speaking of wins, last night, we got together with a few of our friends at JD's Pub & Grill to play Quizzo. We used to go weekly when we all lived closer together, but it's been at least a year since our team played together. We were a little rusty out of the gate, but managed to win it all in sudden death overtime! The prize was a $25 gift card to the restaurant which we were able to use on our check last night. $25 divided by 6 = $4.17 per person. So essentially, I got a glass of wine for free!

the rhinos smell like victory. and beer.
Smart and money saving. Now that's a sexy combination.

Day Nine Spent:
$1.00 vending machine Raisonets
$34.00 gas (9.6 gallons @ $3.55 a gal.)
Day Nine Saved: $12.00

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