Monday, March 12, 2012

So App-ealing

It's going to be a slow week at work, so there will be plenty of time for posting. If there's anything you'd like me to write about, please let me know in the comments!

I figured I would share some of my favorite iPhone apps that help me shop smarter. All the apps are free, so hopefully they'll save you some money, too!
  • CardStar - Essentially a virtual wallet where you can store all of your loyalty cards, even non-grocery cards like Best Buy Rewards, Hallmark, etc. This way you can get rid of the pesky key tags (or in my case, the whole additional card holder for the regular size ones). It also provides you deals & coupons to the stores you have saved.
  • ShopAdvisor - Say you see a shirt in Macy's you really like, but it's not on sale and you don't have any coupons. Just scan the bar code into ShopAdvisor and it will search for the product until it's within your budget.
  • Coupon Sherpa - A database of mobile coupons for grocery & department stores. There are also links to printable coupons that you can e-mail to yourself & print out. I actually haven't used this app too much because stores in our area do not scan coupons from your phone. Plus our printer stopped working and I haven't fixed it yet.
  • Buy Me a Pie - This is the app I use when I'm shopping somewhere that doesn't have its own mobile app (like BJ's). Helps to keep my impulse spending in check.
  • SavingsStar - Made by the same people as CardStar, you load your grocery/drug store loyalty cards into the app then select coupon offers you think you would purchase. After purchasing the item, a rebate is applied to your account. The hubs and I share an account and we've gotten about $7 back in rebates so far (the rebate is linked with your Paypal account)
  • Weekly Ads - Just what it sounds like, the weekly ads for stores near you. This is great, since we get a very limited supply with our mail and most end up in the recycling.
  • Gas Buddy - While not a "shopping" app., this little guy has come in handy lately! It shows you the prices of gas in and around your area. The only beef I have with it is there isn't a way to distinguish cash versus credit price differences.
  • Locavore - Tells you what food is in season for your area and helps you find local farmer's markets, both of which are cheaper than buying food brought in from other places
I also have the mobile app for our bank which allows me to securely view our balances and conduct transfers as well as the apps for Stop & Shop, Shop Rite, & Target which let me view the weekly specials and make lists. I'm still waiting for Acme to come out with an app.

Are there any apps I missed? What helps you?

Day Twenty-One Spent:
$.75 vending machine Cheez-Its
Day Twenty-One Saved: $0.00

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