Sunday, February 26, 2012

Frugal Foodie

Confession: I went shopping today. It was food shopping, though, so it's okay! In accordance with the rules, I made lists and used coupons . I was still over budget, but more on that in a minute.

I used the "Buy Me a Pie" app for the iPhone to make a list for BJ's. I purchased 17 items, 11 items of which I had coupons for. And I had two coupons for Listerine.. holla! The items I didn't have coupons for I made sure the price matched the quantity (for example, 3 tubs of lunch meat for $8). With coupons I saved an extra $26.

Last night, I used the Target app to make a list of the things we needed; However, when I got to the store this morning, I realized the list I made was only valid until the 25th. Now, none of the items I had saved were on sale anymore. Not to worry though. Most people don't know that Target is one of the best kept secrets in the grocery market. Everyday, they mark down packages of meat $2 or $3 because it is at it's "Use or Freeze" date. Today, I was able to score two packages of hamburger patties (4 patties in each) for ..... are you ready for this?? ..... 0.29 cents!!!

The burgers were originally $5.49 and marked down to $3.29, plus, each package had a $3 coupon on the front. I also scored ground pork on sale for 0.99 cents ($2.00 coupon off $2.99) and two packages of chicken breasts (with 3 breasts in the package) for $1.14. I spent a little bit more for a package of Archer Farms steaks wrapped in bacon (originally $9.39, on sale for $6.39). We rarely eat steaks or bacon by themselves so it actually makes more sense for us to buy the steaks this way.
The last stop I made was unplanned. Our local Pathmark is going out of business and I wanted to see if there was anything left in stock we used. I was able to pick up some of my favorite cleaning supplies (7th Generation & Clorox Greenworks) for about 60% off. I also picked up some baking supplies, a few of our favorite Lowry's marinades, and three boxes of tea.

I did spend a bit more money than I planned (about $40 over budget), but it helped me learn something very important about myself: the bright tags of a clearance sale are my siren song. I lose control very easily when I see a 60% off sign. Even in Target, those little red-orange clearance stickers got my heart racing and made me a little breathless. Next time, I know to stick to my lists and coupons and then get in my car and drive home.

Day Five Spent: $247.09 [budget: $200]
BJ's: $140.39
Target: $46.98
Pathmark: $59.72

Day Five Saved: $0.00

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  1. Looks like you found some good deals! If this helps you come in under budget for future shopping trips, I'd say it's worth it. At one point I used to be so set on sticking to a weekly budget that I'd pass up really good deals. It didn't occur to me that in the long run I would save money (and legitimately so, not in a rationalizing-an-unnecessary-purchase kind of way). ;-)